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I´m a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on performance art and live art.

For me a piece of art mostly begins with a personal observation always followed by extensive research. I want to create work that is urgent and meaningful to a current situation in society but yet easily accessible to a diversity of people. Since some years the interaction with the spectator is an ultimate precondition in my work. For me the power of building a real connection is about being empathetic and inviting and not about being forcing and distracting. As I´m coming from visual arts I consider my approach to performance art as fairly cross-over. I was educated in experimental arts where I was mainly engaging with the making of installations, experimental films and performance art. I´m practising contemporary dance which has a big influence on my work. As a solo-artist my work deals mainly with the body, embodied knowledge, gender, social figurations and how society creates value. My work in the performance-duo chi-mashie mainly deals with women and work in a capitalistic society. With Die Fabrikanten Live Art Coop I´m developing and co-producing live art happenings.


I studied Experimental Arts at the University of Arts and Design Linz (Austria) and Sculpture and Installation at the Estonian Academy of Arts followed by studies in Contemporary Dance at Tanzausbildung Wien. Various Exhibitions and Performances both nationally and internationally.

Contact me if you are interested in a detailed CV!

Photo: Erich Goldmann

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