Snooze! is a theatrical assembly, a laboratory project, an open field in which
things can arise and happen during a night, mainly focused on doing nothing,
doze, snooze and sleep collectively.
One will be guided to their mattress and will be allowed to choose between staying there the whole night or leave and explore the snooze area.
They will find calm and ruminant actions like sleep walks, typing dreams, build puzzles ... or preparing breakfast in the meta-kitchen.
A symphony consisting of different sounds, voices and musical instruments
lulls you to sleep, appears during the night and wakes you up to end the snooze!

A durational immersive Theater Experience

Concept, Performance and Set:

DIE FABRIKANTEN Live Art Coop: Gabriela Gordillo, Gerald Harringer, Julia Hartig, Bernadette Laimbauer, Wolfgang Preisinger
KUD LJUD: Vida Cerkvenik Bren, Katarina Zalar, Nika Gabrovšek, Grega Močivnik, Robin Klengel, Jurij Torkar

Photography: Gerald Harringer

Radio Feature: Romina Achatz
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SNOOZE Radio Feature Trailer
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Julia Hartig

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