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The SPOTTER TRIP participants embark on a journey into the unknown on small ships from Linz to Ottensheim. You listen to GITTER's sound performance, which merges with the roar of the Danube and the hum of the ship's engine, you might be challenged by the clown Martha Labil or experience the journey discursively with Boris Nieslony.

After the boat trip the journey continues in cars, and in the waiting room of an old Danube ferry. In these intimate encounters, the question arises: What happens to me? How do I react when, for example, a stranger is looking for me? In 15-minute meetings in one-to-one mode - in private - between the artist and the visitor, the "SPOTTER" might be able to reflect their expectations, their fears, their doubts, ...

Live Art on the Danube
Concept and Production:
Die Fabrikaten (Flavia Andessner, Gerald Harringer, Julia Hartig, Wolfgang Preisinger)

Artists on Board: Club Real, Martha Labil, Patrik Huber, Zigurrat Project (HU), Vida Cerkvenik Bren and Katarina Zalar from KUD LJUD (SI), Boris Nieslony (DE), GITTER (Anatol Bogendorfer and Jens Vetter), S.J. Norman (AU), Bernadette Laimbauer, BRUCH (Cut Surface)

Photography: Erich Goldmann
Videography: Domas Schwarz (Camera); Gerald Harringer (Cut); Gitter, Bruch, Thomas Reinhart (Sounds/Music)

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