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teleta_K_t is a performative, movement based visualization of relationships, connections, approaching and distance gestures between eight protagonists, based on the play „Crave“ by Sarah Kane. The visual representation is using the form of the string game Cat’s Cradle. It is implemented in a colossal dimension while the language is removed. Instead of fingers, there are bodies that are intricately entangled. A 40 meters long rope connects the protagonists – a game of approaching and detachment gestures begins. The eight actors and the rope function as a mechanism – if one person moves, the whole interdependent structure changes. 

Concept, artistic direction, scenography and costumes: Julia Hartig
Performance: Stefanie Hacker, Claudia Hochedlinger, Martin Hohla, Hannah Huemer, Robert Jung/Thomas A. Pichler, Bernadette Laimbauer, Ben Olsen, Robert Schröck

Outside Eye: Brian Michaels

Videography: Gerald Preißl
Photography: Elke Meisinger
Duration: 20 mins

teleta_K_t teaser

teleta_K_t teaser

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