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The Go-Getter

The project “The Go-Getter” is dealing critically and ironically with the concept of the “Tupperparty”. The fate of their inventor Brownie Wise, representative of many women’s fates, and other obscure aspects, such as cooperation with the US defense industry, will be unsealed during the performance. Created we see the performance in the style of the well-tried Tupperparty, which remains a success miracle to this day.

Concept: chi-mashie (Teresa Fellinger & Julia Hartig)

Performance: chi-mashie (Teresa Fellinger & Julia Hartig)

Outside Eye: Anat Stainberg

Set and costume design: chi-mashie (Teresa Fellinger & Julia Hartig)

Photography: Felix Noting, raw matters

duration: 25 minutes

With friendly support from raw matters and BKA.

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